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"MassContacts pays for itself 10x!"

Clear and Simple Pricing

1,000 Credits

$ 199
Save $100

10,000 Credits

$ 1,490
Save $1,000

50,000 Credits

$ 6,950
Save $3,000

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credits are used to reveal contact details (email, phone) and download CVs.
1 Credit = 1 Contact
A credit entitles you to all email addresses, phone numbers and CVs we have for that contact.

On the Free Trial, you are able to search the contact database using all available filters. However you are limited to 5 pages of results per search, and you will need to purchase credits in order to reveal contact details (email, phone) and CVs.

Yes we have larger plans available. You can simply reach out to us at

Absolutely! For as low as $0.14 per contact, our clients have repeatedly told us that our solution pays for itself. The return on investment is well above 10X for any use case.

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