The 7 Best CV Search Databases

Recruitment Use Case - MassContact Online Database and CV Search

As a recruitment professional, harnessing the power of CV search databases can streamline your hiring process and enhance candidate selection. Let’s dive into the 7 best CV search databases to supercharge your recruitment strategy.

1. MassContacts

MassContacts is a curated database of 50 million+ working professionals and CVs.
Recruitment teams will gain a significant competitive advantage by effortlessly accessing the right talent and targeted contacts. You can easily search and filter contacts by keyword, job title, company and location.

Pros: It’s probably the easiest to use CV Search database and the most affordable on the market.

Cons: You can currently only filter contacts by keyword, job title, company and location. However more advanced filters are coming soon.

Pricing: MassContacts starts at 199 for 1,000 contacts, and as low as $0.14 per contact.

2. LinkedIn Recruiter

Second on our list is LinkedIn Recruiter, a premium service offered by the world’s largest professional networking site.

Pros: LinkedIn Recruiter provides access to an enormous CV database where you can ‘search CVs’ across various industries. It offers advanced search capabilities with multiple filters for skills, job titles, location, and more.

Cons: Despite its robust capabilities, the premium service comes at a high cost. Moreover, you might sometimes encounter outdated or incomplete profiles.

Pricing: LinkedIn Recruiter pricing starts at around $8,999 per year.

3. Indeed Resume

Indeed is not just one of the world’s leading job boards but also hosts a comprehensive CV search database, Indeed Resume.

Pros: Recruiters can delve into Indeed’s extensive resume database to find candidates for almost any role. Its advanced search options include keyword-based search and location filtering.

Cons: The database focuses more on quantity over quality, meaning you might need to sift through several CVs before finding the right candidate.

Pricing: Indeed Resume offers a pay-per-contact model, starting at $100 for 30 contacts.

4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder offers one of the most intelligent CV search databases in the recruitment industry.

Pros: Its AI-based matching system considers keyword context, which ensures more accurate matches and saves recruiters time.

Cons: Despite its robust matching system, it may not have as many CVs in certain niches when compared to larger platforms.

Pricing: CareerBuilder’s pricing is customized based on specific needs and number of job postings.

5. Monster Resume Search

Monster, a pioneer in the recruitment industry, offers a robust resume search platform.

Pros: The platform gives you access to a rich resume database and allows for advanced Boolean searches, ensuring precision in your CV search.

Cons: Some users report the user interface could be more intuitive.

Pricing: Monster’s pricing plans start at around $279 per month for a single job post and access to the resume database.

6. Glassdoor

Known for its company reviews and salary reports, Glassdoor also offers a resume database.

Pros: Glassdoor provides an inside look at company culture, which can help attract passive job seekers. You can also utilize their CV search database to find the right candidate.

Cons: The number of CVs is not as extensive as other larger platforms.

Pricing: Contact Glassdoor directly for pricing information.

7. Resume-Library

Rounding off our list is Resume-Library, a platform specifically designed for CV search.

Pros: Resume-Library focuses on delivering a highly curated resume database, reducing the time required to find high-quality candidates.

Cons: While it excels in quality, it may lack in quantity for some niche roles.

Pricing: Pricing varies based on the number of CVs accessed, starting at $199 for 50 CV downloads.


Each CV search database has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Your choice depends on your budget, the industry you’re recruiting in, and your specific needs. We hope this guide aids you in enhancing your CV search strategy, ensuring you find the best candidates for your roles.